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River Barge

GO SLOW – Instead of a River cruise, try a Barge for your family generational travel and groups of friends. Your top speed will be about 4 miles per hour.

Bring your group of 4 to 21 people and take over a whole barge. It is smaller, intimate, and more private than a larger river cruise ship.

Your group can enjoy a relaxed casual environment on the barge and enjoy a gourmet food experience as fresh foods are obtained each day from different towns along the way. Special wine tastings  or excursions can be planned.  Meals and some wines are included in the cost of your trip.

With advanced planning you can modify your dining to enjoy the local restaurants if you don’t want to eat aboard the barge. If the group doesn’t have the whole barge to themselves they may want to take their group to a local famous (one or two star) restaurant and take over just with your group of family or friends. In other words you really can modify whereas you cannot with a river cruise ship.

Guests can enjoy excursions to local chateaux, villages, markets, churches and vineyards. Bicycles can be used to explore the countryside. There is usually a van or small bus that goes along side of the barge for the whole trip or at least a portion of it to take the passengers to different venues along the way.

The best times of the year are September through October.  If you go during August, the villages may be closed down for their summer vacations so there might be less to see.  In the Spring, the rivers may be too full from the April showers to allow you to go under the bridges that span the canals which means your planned itinerary may change.
Best of all, you can enjoy a slow exploration of the villages of France, Holland, Germany, and Ireland by taking a Barge trip.

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